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CPR Class Descriptions

The Muskogee County EMS American Heart Association Training Center offers the following courses:


To enroll in any course listed, or to request a special class, or for more information:


Please call Muskogee County EMS (918) 683-0130 or email at 


or click here to register 


Courses fill up fast! Pre-enrollment is required. To reserve your spot in a course, please come by the Muskogee County EMS business office Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to pay the course fees, and pick up the course textbook (preferable at least 48 hours in advance of the course date) at:


Muskogee County EMS

200 Callahan Street

Muskogee, Oklahoma


Please note that all course length times are approximate due to varying needs of the skills practice and written testing.



Course #305 - Healthcare Provider CPR (BLS):

This certification course teaches the fundamentals of CPR to the adult, child and infant victim. It also teaches the use of an automatic external defibrillator. This course is designed for the professional rescuer who is required to have CPR for his/her profession.


Course length (approx)                         6 Hours


Required American Heart                     BLS for Healthcare Provider

Association Book:


Cost (includes book and card):             $ 53.00


Schedule:                                              Class is offered once a month, on Mondays starting at 9:00

                                                              a.m. Please call or email for further information.



Course # 238 – First Aid:

This certification course includes first aid training (with environmental emergencies included). This course does not include the automatic external defibrillator.        


Course length (approx):                     4 hours


Required American Heart                  Heartsaver First Aid

Association Book: 


Cost (includes book and card):          $ 38.00


Schedule                                           Class is offered twice a month, on Mondays starting at 10:30




Course # 236 –Heartsaver Pediatric CPR and First Aid for Day Care Centers:

This certification course teaches the fundamentals of doing CPR on the child and infant, and the basics of first aid for the day care center setting (with environmental emergencies included). This class is taught in accordance of the requirements of the Department of Human Services. 


Course length (approx):                    2 hours for CPR plus 3 hours for First Aid


Required American Heart                 Heartsaver CPR plus Heartsaver First Aid

Association Book:


Cost: (includes book and card):        $ 57.00


Schedule:                                          Class is often once a month, on Mondays starting at 2:00  




Course # 254 – Heartsaver CPR for Adult, Child and Infant:

This certification course is for the layperson (non-medical person) wanting to learn CPR for the adult, child and infant victim.  This course includes AED (automatic external defibrillator) training.


Course length (approx):                     3 hours


Required American Heart                  Heartsaver CPR

Association Book:


Cost (includes book and card):         $ 35.00


Schedule                                           Class is offered twice each month, on Mondays starting at

                                                          9:00 a.m. 



Course # 226 – CPR for Family & Friends (Adult & Pediatric CPR):

This course is not a certification course, but is an orientation in the fundamentals of CPR for the adult, infant and child victims.


Course length (approx):                   4 hours


Required American Heart               CPR for Family and Friends

Association Book:  


Cost (includes book with                 $ 17.00

card inside):          


Schedule:                                        Offered on an as-requested basis.   




For more information on CPR, AED, heart attacks and stroke click here:  American Heart Association 

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