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Special Events Ambulance

When you gather large amounts of people together there is a tendency for someone to need medical attention. We provide ambulance and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) coverage for your special event. Planning a special event requires thinking about all the details including emergency care. Let Muskogee County EMS take care of your EMS care concerns by stationing our vehicles and medics at your event. Examples include: sporting events, community festivals, ceremonies and gatherings, public relations and promotional events, concerts, public and private events, races, rodeos, church events and more.

In all situations, if a patient is transported and/or treated, normal ambulance billing policies and charges will apply and will be billed to the patient (or responsible party) receiving the medical services. In all situations, if the event continues in the absence of an ambulance, the event sponsor does so at its own risk.

Stand-by Ambulance only - This ambulance is generally regularly scheduled on-duty staff, subject to other ambulance calls, and is not guaranteed to actually be available at the special event. Even if the ambulance is available at the event, the ambulance may leave the event at any time needed for other EMS business.

Reserved Ambulance - This ambulance is reserved for the special event.  If the ambulance leaves the event transporting a patient, MCEMS will attempt to send a second ambulance to continue coverage at the event, although this is not guaranteed and depends on ambulance availability. (Only in rare situations would the reserved ambulance leave on a different ambulance call not associated with the special event,e.g. situations including but not limited to those required by Health Dept. regulations, or other emergency situations).

For more information or to schedule a special event ambulance,

call our business office at (918) 683-0130